It all started when employee turnover doubled...

Our story in numbers

We've been around for 6 years,
supporting hundreds of organizations
of all sizes and industries
in their efforts tobecome and stay agile.

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The values behind
our company

There's room for improvement.
But we walk the talk

Aim higher

With passion

Build relationships

Around trust and fun

Team members in a visio conference

Be Curious

Stay Agile

Stay Humble


Team picture at the Mas des Violettes in the South of France with beautiful mountains in the background

The amazing team behind Holaspirit

We do our best, and we have fun doing it šŸ˜Š

Philippe's vision for Holaspirit

Holaspirit's co-founder and CEO shares his thoughts on the future of management.

Our Partners

Holaspirit works hand in hand with
meeting facilitators,
certified coaches and managerial transformation experts around the world.