Start with WHY

Align team goals and individual ambitions with your organization's purpose.

Trusted by 500+ organizations in 45 countries (and counting)

How Holaspirit builds alignment
throughout the organization


Place purpose front and center in Holaspirit: at organizational, team, and role level.

Organizational purpose
Team purpose
Role purpose


Set objectives at role level that tie back to team goals and the organization's purpose.

Clear direction
Clear accountabilities
Sense of belonging


With better access to information, teams understand who does what and how they can help.

Culture of trust
Faster onboarding
Cross-functional collaboration

Collective intelligence

Use Holaspirit's idea box and meeting templates to make decisions that serve the organization's purpose.

Foster innovation
Build a test & learn culture
Make better decisions, faster

A robust feature set

Prepare for the future, document how your organization is working now.


Org chart visualizations that make it easy to identify who does what and where additional resources might be needed.

Kanban board

A Trello-like kanban board that shows the link between team projects, organizational goals, and cross-functional talent.


Create checklists for recurring tasks, break down big projects into smaller tasks, assign one-off actions, get things done!

Time Spent in Roles

Review how much time is spent on each role in the organization to structure your days and identify HR needs.

You're in good hands,
meet our customers

Hundreds of companies & non-profits are already trusting Holaspirit with their collaborative projects.

Jean-Marc Wismer
Chief Operating Officer

"Holaspirit has been a significant contributor to our successful migration to Teal due to its user-friendliness, to the way information can be centrally shared about people, roles, accountabilities, quality documents, processes, etc."

Ivo Bättig
Chief Strategy Officer

"Working with Holaspirit is a pleasure. The public roadmap provides a great insight into what to expect when. New features are implemented regularly in a short amount of time and the support reaction time is world class."

Nancy Delhalle
Chief Marketing Officer

"Holaspirit is for us the perfect tool for the integration and operation of self organization principles within our communication agency, active in three countries. The tool is complete and available in several languages."

Klaas Reineke
Agile Coach

"Software helps a lot for transparency about the organization structure and makes all governance and operations accessible to everyone. Without Holaspirit we could not implement Holacracy."


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