Integrated Work

Case Study

Company size: 

20 employees


KOAN (Kind, Open, Adaptive Network)

Integrated Work is a woman-owned, woman-led firm devoted to building the leaders our society needs through real-world work. They focus exclusively on mission-driven organizations, and are fond of working with leaders who are out to create meaningful impact at scale. They have deep experience and expertise in building high-performing teams, purpose-driven strategic planning, developing leadership content and training curricula on many topics, and providing the kind of thoughtful and engaging facilitation that moves groups to action.


Integrated Work started with Holacracy and overtime have developed their own KOAN (Kind, Open, Adaptive Network) system, complete with a constitution.

why holaspirit ?

"We liked the flexibility Holaspirit offers. We are always iterating and improving and appreciate the ways Holaspirit evolves with us. We also appreciate the responsive and personal service when we have questions or need help."

Most Used features

"Frequency for all of these is daily or weekly depending on the user:

1. Adding items to the meeting agenda we use the notes field and links to give members context before the meeting, at the meeting everything we need is ready to go.

2. Tension in-box log things as they come up and process when it’s convenient.

3. Proposals especially for changes we think are pre-conditioned and don’t need a lot of discussion.

4. OKRs We’re early in our OKR journey, still trialing to see what is most valuable."

Features that helped with their transformation:

"Flexible customization: We like being able to name core roles that resonate with their system and constitution. Network view: the nested circle view was fine, and the network view gave us additional insights about circle relationships and balance."

challenge overview

Integrated Work was looking for a platform that would help them to distribute leadership, and increase collaboration & coordination.

growth with holaspirit

Integrated Work started off with one circle and now they have developed their KOAN or anchor circle – they count with six main circles, and 15 sub-circles. With a total of 21 circles!

The team, adds: " This level of granularity provides clarity on where work lives and issues need to be processed."

implementation journey

The team migrated from another platform: "We had some decision made, the transition took about 4 weeks."


"Flexibility of features and warm, friendly and responsive customer service."

– Team Integrated Work

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